Please contact the Embassy or Consulate of Chile nearest you to confirm the visa requirements for your nationality. The information below may not apply to citizens of all countries and is meant for general information purposes only.

FEN accepts exchange students who enter with permanencia transitoria (tourist) or who enter with a student visa (Residencia Temporal: Visa de Residente Estudiante). For students who will complete one (1) semester at FEN, entering with permanencia transitoria (tourist) can be extended. For students who will complete one (1) year at FEN, obtaining a student visa is more ideal.  Both types do not authorize students to work.

Tourist Visa (Visa Permanencia Transitoria)

You are allowed to study at the FEN with a Tourist Visa (permanencia transitoria), which is generally valid for up to 90 days. Some countries require you to apply and have a Tourist Visa (permanencia transitoria) prior to your arrival. Please review this list for prices.

If you enter this way, make sure you extend or leave Chile before the 90 days are up. It can be extended online for $100 USD 30 days prior to the expiration date or by leaving Chile to a nearby neighboring country. Mendoza in Argentina´s wine region is a good weekend trip! You can then re-enter Chile and get another stamp in your passport that allows you to stay for another 90 days.

Please note: Citizens from the US, Canada and Australia will need to pay a reciprocity fee online BEFORE entering Argentina and bring the printed proof of payment with them to the border crossing.

If you miss the 90-day deadline you will incur a penalty per day and will not be allowed to leave Chile without paying this fine, so it is very important that you take the appropriate measures to extend your stay.

If you come on a tourist visa, you are NOT eligible for the Student MetroCard which provides discounts on public transportation in Santiago.

Student Visa (Residencia Temporal: Visa de Residente Estudiante)

In order to apply for this visa, go to the website and click on ”Solicitud de Residencia Temporal para extranjeros fuera de Chile.” Complete the requested information. This application process is taking approximately 3 months to complete. You will need to have the following information and documents on hand:

  • Passport identification page
  • Legalized or apostilled background check certificate from the country of origin
  • Certificate from educational establishment (FEN Acceptance Letter)
  • Certificate of Enrollment from your home university (this letter states that you are a regular student enrolled at your home university and upon completing the exchange program, you will return to your home university)
  • Notarized proof of funds (sworn letter stating that someone is sponsoring your trip, any financial scholarship information, etc)

The cost is approximately $171.183 CLP and you will have to complete payment in order to process your request. Payment is through PayPal. There are no refunds.

Upon entering Chile, your International Police Bureau (Policía de Investigaciones de Chile-PDI) will automatically register your visa. This will take a few days. Upon your arrival, you have 30 days to request an appointment with the Registro Civil to obtain a carnet de identidad, or national ID card. You can make an appointment online.

If you decide to go in person:

Centro Especializado para la Atención a Extranjeros: Address: Huérfanos 1570, Santiago (Monday – Friday from 08:30 to 14:00 hrs) Cost of ID card: $4,270 Chilean Pesos.

You MUST bring the following documents to the Registro Civil:

  •  Your passport with the student visa
  •  $4,270 Chilean Pesos or cash/credit to pay for the identity card
  •  A photocopy of the following:
    • Your passport identity page (be sure that the copy is clear and legible)
    • Your Student Visa page
    • The stamped page that shows when you entered Chile
  • The document given to you by the International Police Bureau
  • ANY document given to you by a government official

Once you have submitted the above documents, taken your photo and given your fingerprints, they will give you a receipt. You will be emailed when your Chilean identity card is ready for pick-up. It must be picked-up in person by the owner.

Make sure you keep the ANY document given to you from a governmental official.

Incompletion of one or both of these processes will put you at risk of incurring a fine and of possibly being prevented from leaving the country (you will be considered as being in Chile illegally).

If you come on a Student Visa AND obtain your Chilean identity card, you WILL be eligible for the Student MetroCard which provides discounts on public transportation in Santiago. This process, however, is external to FEN and the duration of the application varies depending on the semester. Because of this, the Student MetroCard is recommended for students who are studying in Chile for a year.

For more information, please review these helpful websites:

Make sure you keep the ANY document given to you from a governmental officer.











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